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At Safe Harbor Retirement Solutions,

we are real people just like our clients

You might find our founder Bradley Freimark and his family out swimming, fishing, boating, or even snowmobiling. What you will find is a team of retirement professionals that are more main street than wall street.  Our team will take the time to take a hands-on approach tailored to deal with your finances. We are committed to earning your trust, working hard to help you protect what you’ve worked hard to have.

With that goal in mind since 2004, we’ve helped countless friends and neighbors in Minnesota learn the keys to a successful retirement. Our advice is simple:

comes first

Focus on protecting your principal.

Achieve a reasonable rate of return**

while protecting your principal.

Your plan should be simple

Retirement doesn’t need to be difficult. Eliminate as much confusion as possible in planning a financial future.

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Protecting Your Hard Earned Money

One of the most significant concerns retirees have is “will I outlive my retirement savings”? Thankfully, there are retirement strategies that can help in protecting your hard-earned savings and still produce a reasonable rate of return.** In other words – you can have the “best of both worlds,” so to speak. Security and earnings. The right financial preparation for retirement can help you learn about your many strategy options, like protecting your principal from loss. To assist you to learn about some of these strategies, we provide complimentary no-obligation educational seminars. Also, you can reach out to schedule a one-on-one no-obligation meeting at any time.

About Safe Harbor Retirement Solutions

Where Wall Street Meets Main Street

Since 1994, Bradley Freimark has helped retirees to create, protect, and ultimately, distribute their wealth. During that time, Mr. Freimark has helped hundreds of retirees paint the retirement picture of their dreams. With a broad background and experience in many areas of the Financial Services industry, he founded Safe Harbor Retirement Solutions in 2004. Today, he chooses to focus on safer retirement planning strategies, including annuities and life insurance.

Mr. Freimark’s clients appreciate his wealth of knowledge, his down-to-earth style, and his safety-first approach.

They appreciate Bradley equipping them with creative and conservative options to the risk and fees that many faced previously in traditional stock market investments.

When you work with the team here at Safe Harbor Retirement Solutions you are working with a team of down-to-earth retirement professionals with a safety-first approach. We are there to guide you through the process every step of the way.

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The Power Of Choice

You deserve choice when it comes to keeping your hard earned money safe from market volatility. That is the reason why Safe Harbor Retirement Solutions only works with top-rated insurance companies to offer you the life insurance and annuity options that most suit your unique situation. Each one has its own advantages and alternatives within the product, meaning we can design a retirement strategy that is tailored to your specific needs. Our team of retirement professionals is here to assist you to determine which choices are the right fit for you. Financial planning for retirement should be easy. Let us help you to retire the way you want.

Enjoy A Meal, Get Educated

The choices you make regarding your retirement are important to your future. That’s why being educated on how to plan for your retirement needs is important. We believe an educated retiree is a prepared retiree. That is exactly why Safe Harbor Retirement Solutions provides educational seminars for our clients as well as retirees and pre-retirees in the surrounding communities

Our educational seminars equip retirees and pre-retirees with education on tax rules, market conditions, protecting your retirement from potential losses, and much more. Additionally, we’ll review strategies for generating a reasonable rate of return**, while defending your money from a market downturn.

Why Retirees Plan With Us

Retirement planning is a personal experience. It’s necessary to trust the professionals you work with. When you work with the team here at Safe Harbor Retirement Solutions you are working with a team of down-to-earth retirement professionals with a safety-first approach. We are there to guide you through the process every step of the way. 

Reach out today to schedule a one-on-one consultation. Or, call us to register for an upcoming educational workshop. We are committed to earning your trust, thoroughly understanding your goals and dreams, and helping you feel confident in your financial future. Let’s work together to help you reach your goals.

Safety First

During your working years, you might have been more comfortable with higher risk. But, now that you are in (or near) retirement, circumstances have changed. Market downturns can cause account values to drop. However, as we near retirement age the less risk tolerance we have. Especially, if your retirement account takes a big hit during your retired years, you may not have time to recoup the losses.

Achieve a RRR**

Do you have to choose between saving money or earning more? Thankfully, the answer is no. With the right retirement strategy, a reasonable rate of return (RRR)** is possible. At Safe Harbor Retirement Solutions, we offer products that can help our clients reach a reasonable rate of return** over time. In fact, certain annuity or life insurance products may allow you to both protect your principal and still get an RRR**. We believe you can have the best of both worlds!

Simple Effective Retirement Planning

Retirement planning can seem complex. But, who says it has to be? You shouldn’t be forced to spend hours and hours every week or month managing your retirement accounts. Instead, you deserve a retirement strategy that can provide you with confidence. In fact, the team here at Safe Harbor Retirement Solutions believes some of the best retirement strategies are simple ones. A retirement plan that focuses on protecting your money while growing a reasonable rate of return** is simple, and it works.

Plan For The Future You Deserve

Here at Safe Harbor Retirement Solutions, we know no two clients are the same. In fact, each one has a different story. Their lives, their works, and their goals all play an important role when it comes to planning for their retirement. We want to understand your dreams for your future. Together as a team, we can help you build the future you’ve always dreamt of.

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